Graphene to be used in KERS for Trucks

Graphene to be used in KERS for Trucks

The kinetic energy generated by a truck descending a slope is huge. The energy is wasted as heat by the brakes. What if we could harness that energy?

The Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) system that has become famous in Formula 1 possesses a very simple operating principle: a body with a given mass in motion has kinetic energy. When we stop, we transform the kinetic energy into another type of energy, usually heat, which is wasted through braking system.

In an F1 car of that kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy which is stored in an accumulator and then is used to improve the car’s acceleration when needed. The greater the mass of the body moving, the more kinetic energy it has.

Why not take advantage of the qualities of Kers in a truck?

It seems its inefficient not to take advantage of this energy, but the problem is that the kinetic energy of a truck is huge and there was no battery capable to be filled so quickly with all that energy and, if a “trickle charge” was made, only a fraction of all the kinetic energy will be recovered. Therefore, it would not be worth the cost of the system for gaining only little performance from it.

Thanks to graphene, a company called Adgero SAS has developed accumulators which are able to withstand such sudden recharges and make more efficient use of such amount of kinetic energy.

They introduced this system for trucks in the Industrial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, which also presented the new generation of Ford Transit in several trailers of Eddie Stobart transport company. Fuel economy (and therefore reduce emissions) achieved with this system is of no less than 25%.

The provider of technology these capacitors graphene (50F 160V SkelMod called for its capacity of 50 farads and 160 volts) for Adgero is the company called Skeleton Technologies.

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