New UN Strategy against AIDS Promises Success

New UN Strategy against AIDS Promises Success

The new United Nations goals of treatment for HIV / AIDS are expensive, but worth every penny.

This conclusion came researchers from the US, which have demonstrated the effectiveness of the “90-90-90” calculated program.

The “90-90-90” of the United Nations program has three main objectives:

  • diagnose 90 percent of all HIV-infected people worldwide
  • to treat 90 percent of people identified with anti-retroviral therapy that slows the virus replication in the body and delay the onset of disease
  • with 90 percent of the treated AIDS patients to achieve viral suppression. This means that the amount of HIV is reduced to the extent that they can no longer be detected.

Proponents of this strategy hope to an end in 2030, the epidemic of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Scientists have now calculated that the measures are indeed expensive, but worth every penny. This is apparent from the computer analysis of data from Africa, which would prevent there, using the “90-90-90” strategy, more than two million new HIV infections and more than 2.4 million deaths within the next decade.

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