Dry Eye can cause Blindness if not treated

Dry Eye can cause Blindness if not treated

Age and wearing of contact lenses are some of the risk factors for dry eye.

MEXICO – Lack of lubrication in the eyes, impacting activities like reading, driving at night, watching TV and work against electronic devices, is a health condition that can lead to blindness, warned specialist Alejandro Navas.

He said age, staring several hours at the computer, high consumption of alcohol, wearing contact lenses, poor diet, applying botox, is risk factors for eye dryness.

The doctor assigned to the Department of Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the Institute of Ophthalmology “Conde de Valencia”, said that if this problem is not addressed, can reduce vision, causing glaucoma and, in extreme cases, causes perforation of the cornea.

At a press conference he said that according to world statistics, more than 3.2 million women over 50 years have dry eye and 1.6 million men in the same age range have same condition.

Dry eye symptoms are irritation, tearing, feeling of sand in the eye and decreased vision.

The use of some medications such as antihistamines and antidepressants, and thyroid problems are factors contributing to the lack of lubrication of the eyes.

The application of botulinum toxin (botox) used for aesthetic purposes; to temporarily paralyze the muscles that prevents normal blinking is what keeps the eyes lubricated and therefore cause dryness.

He also said that there are various therapies, the most common is the use of drops and eye gel, but all must be indicated by a specialist. He explained that some products have preservatives that with continued use they eventually damage the eye, and others like steroids should only be applied for a short term.

Although so far there is no scientific evidence that the use of screens and electronic devices cause permanent damage to dry eye, they can have greater impact on myopia, because people are failing to see from afar.

Some research state that by 2050 half of the population will be short-sighted and that is why in some schools in Asian countries are making schools open windows for students to see the horizon.

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