Saliva Tests Detect Genetic Susceptibility to Diseases

Saliva Tests Detect Genetic Susceptibility to Diseases

Clinic in Guadalajara develop personalized medicine based on genetic tests.

Mexico – The International Symposium on Personalized Medicine, held in Mexico City, specialist in clinical immunology and allergy, Bernard Esquivel, said that genetic testing can detect 28 diseases.

Symposium in Personalized Medicine: New Trends in World Clinical Practice, the master in medical genetics explained that, through a simple saliva sample, it is feasible to detect susceptibility to various diseases.

This test is performed only once and can apply to newborns; is noninvasive and does not hurt, he said.

Some of the diseases that can be prevented or diagnosed through genetic testing are diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer (breast, lung, colon, skin, stomach, bladder, prostate), heart disease, immunological rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis, among others.

According to international experts from the universities of Duke and San Francisco, Mayo Clinic and the American Association of Personalized Medicine (ALAMP), said the model of personalized medicine is a global trend that seeks to individualize patient care based on their genetic code.

“Molecular biology tests are used to identify the recipe of the person, their genes and based on that, create an individualized approach to the patient,” said the CEO of Genomedik.

Therefore, he stressed the importance of the opening of the first personalized medicine clinic in Mexico, with which Guadalajara becomes the spearhead for the practice of this model of medicine.

He added that this clinic is comprised of an interdisciplinary team of certified specialists involved in comprehensive patient care, starting from prevention to treatment to be determined and closely following the case.

“The opening of this clinic in Guadalajara marks a precedent for the practice of a model of care that contributes to the culture of prevention in health,” he said.

Esquivel said that is required to change the model of care in the country in health to move from a reactive and curative medicine to a prevention model.

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