Infrared heating the body to Treat Depression

Infrared heating the body to Treat Depression

Depression is a common mental illness, manifested as mood swings, depression, low self-esteem, serious illness and even suicidal tendencies; the cause is complex and difficult to heal.

US – A new study published in the medical journal Journal of the American Medical AssociationPsychiatry showed that infrared treats depression.

The researchers from the University of Wisconsin conducted a study of 338 volunteers, according to different grades 0-19 to measure the volunteers suffering from depression severity.  Volunteers 0-7 no depressive symptoms, 8-13 volunteers suffering from mild depression, 14-18 volunteers suffering from moderate depression, and more than 19 volunteers suffering from severe depression .

Thereafter, the researchers used infrared heating means the patient’s chest and legs. In a therapy session of 1.5 hours of infrared radiation, the temperature was raised to the volunteers of 38.5 degrees Celsius, close to body temperature when moderate fever. In order to compare, another 14 volunteers are receiving relatively low heat warm air dryer. Experimental results show that at the end of the week of infrared therapy, and compared to the control group, 34 of the most serious depression patients’ health improved significantly.

The authors of the study said that the body heat would promote cells to produce serotonin, thereby changing the brain function. That is, by infrared heat transfer to the skin can relieve depression.

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