‘Key’ Findings in Embryonic Development – Help Identify Some Early Failures during Pregnancy

Researchers deciphered the process of cell differentiation to apply stem cells.

ARGENTINA – A team of Argentine researchers made a discovery in the field of regenerative medicine. According to official sources, the results can provide “key” data in the studies of embryonic development processes and early failures in pregnancies.

The released statement explained that to discover such findings, the team launched an advanced technique in fluorescence microscopy, which allowed to study and monitor the evolution of cells that make up a living embryo.

 “In this way managed to decipher a central body in the process of cell differentiation that contribute to the generation of future applications of stem cells and will identify the causes in certain early pregnancy failure”, adds the text.

Thus the scientific impact of this research will increase the capacity of “scientifically discern between two systems of explanation of cell differentiation” which, in turn, will determine the various destinations for embryonic development.

This is a joint work of two groups of researchers led by Dr. Valeria Levi, the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), and Dr. Nicholas Plachta, Argentine biologist who heads a team in Singapore.

Both experts are part of the program Network of Argentine Researchers and Scientists Abroad, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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